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Hey y’all! I am so happy to be a part of a new monthly blog hop. I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers, some of whom have become real life friends. The first Monday of every month, we will all be sharing our regularly scheduled blogs, but then we will give you links to all of the other bloggers in our group. You will love these talented gals, so please be sure to click through at the end to visit their blogs as well.

Use a box or tray to hold all of your decor elements on a table. Then you can easily remove it for dinner time!

I don’t know about you, but I love creating tablescapes. Now that both of our children have moved out, my husband and I rarely eat at the table. However, I still love to have a table set and decorated. It just makes the house feel even homier! It almost beckons your guests to come in and sit down.

My aunt gifted me this set of four salad plates from Hobby Lobby. As soon as I saw them, I envisioned a pretty farmhouse fall table setting. The neutral plates were a great jumping board for the rest of the decor, and they set the color palette as well.

Layering the plates gives a richer, fuller look.

I love to layer! In this case I layered four different “plates.” I started with these gorgeous antique looking gray chargers from Amazon. Then I just used my every day white dishes. Having white dishes is such a great base for table settings. They can be used with almost any style, season, or theme. You can also scour thrift stores and yard sales to gather a mismatched collection. I filled out my own store-bought set this way! You could set an entire table with completely mismatched white on white plates to create a stunning farmhouse vintage look. Between the two white plates, I used a dark gray patterned salad plate from World Market. They are not available anymore so I can’t link them for you. You really can’t see much of the design, but there is just enough of the edge showing to differentiate between the two white plates.

Vintage silverware turned into unique napkin accents. Using fun, unique, and interesting pieces on your table make for great conversation starters!

I had some simple black and white striped napkins that worked perfectly, and I paired them with some easy and unique napkin “rings.” Years ago I bought a bunch of vintage silverware at a garage sale. I used several of the spoons to create these fun pieces. You simply use a hammer to flatten out the spoon part. I highly recommend that you do this outside on the sidewalk. It will be loud and you don’t want to mess up your countertop! Then you simply bend the handle until you like the look of it.

I love to add something unique to each place setting. If you are having guests, this can be a small gift for them to take home, or it could simply act as a place card. I used these new Thanksgiving midi pillows. These are now available in my shop and you can find them here. There are two different fabric variations and three different wording options. I also found a fun way to display them. Instead of simply laying them on the plate, I turned the stemware upside and hung them! That way it doesn’t cover up the cute plates, and they are seen better.

I kept the centerpiece pretty simple. A fabric runner anchors the box that I used. If tablescapes or table decor in general seems overwhelming because your family uses the dinner table every day, try this. Use a basket, tray, or box of some kind to contain all of your decor pieces. When it is time to eat, it will be easy to pick everything up all at once and then just as easy to replace it.

This wood box is really special for me. My parents just did a big dining room and kitchen remodel in their house. The house was built in the 50’s, and that is the house that I grew up in! They replaced all of the old walnut wood trim in those rooms in order to make the house look more cohesive. My uncle took all of that wood and built these beautiful boxes for us! Now I get to have a piece of my childhood home to use for many more years to come.

I used an array of fall items for the centerpiece. I just chose things that I thought looked good together and had a neutral color scheme. The amber jug is just one of many that I use around the house. A pumpkin, a beaded garland, and cute wooden acorns from a small Etsy shop fill out the box. You can find the acorns here. The fall leaves and the wheat stems add a lot of texture and help to soften everything up.

Tablescapes don’t have to be fancy, extravagant, or complicated. Begin with a simple centerpiece. After you get used to that, begin adding more elements until you find the look that fits you and your family perfectly! Let me know what, if anything. you have on your table this week!

Be sure to visit each blog below. These ladies are so talented and full of helpful tips and tricks. They each have their own unique and beautiful style, and there is sure to be information and inspiration that you will love.

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