About The Shop

Hey y’all! I’m Becky, but my friends and family call me Beck.

I have always been a creative person: sewing, crafts, painting, home décor, etc. I also home schooled our two children all the way through high school.

When my youngest was getting ready to head off to college (and I was beginning to get those empty nest blues), he encouraged me to spread my wings. In fact, he practically threw me out of the nest!! He thought that I should start a home décor account on Instagram. He set it up, he came up with the name, and he literally walked me through every single step! I had no idea what was in store for me in the home décor community on Instagram. I thrived there!

After posting about a few of the things that I had made for myself I had many people ask me where I got them and how could they buy them. That led to me opening my Etsy shop. I have been beyond blessed by the support that I have received there! However, as the shop grew I became frustrated with Etsy’s ever changing policies and fees.

So now I’m spreading my wings even more! Thanks to my IT guy (AKA my right hand man, AKA my sweet husband), you can now find me here. On my very own website.

Send me a message. I love to get to know my customers!

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