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Pinkoween? Yes, please!

Let’s jump right in with this week’s Tiered Tray of the Week! I started with a white tiered tray from Target Dollar Spot. I picked this one up early in 2021, but they will get these type of trays in fairly often. This one was $5 which is an absolute steal especially if you are just starting out in the tiered tray world.

Let me also apologize here for the very poor lighting! It was storming and this is actually taken with extra photography lights and edited. If I wasn’t up against the clock I would have definitely waited for natural light. Regardless, we can still see what’s going on! 😉

I added a glass bottle from Dollar Tree that I had chalk painted and then distressed. This is one of my go-to pieces for holding our fabric lollipops, especially if I don’t have a mug that will fit with the theme.

The first decorative piece that I added was this adorable DIY pink ghost wand. I’ll be sharing the tutorial on this later on the blog. I stuck that in the bottle toward the back.

Next came our brand new Pinkoween lollipops! I am just in love with the pink and orange combo this year. If you are all about the CUTE Halloween decor, then this line will be for you! I added these in front of the pink ghost wand. Remember, use dried beans, rice, coffee, or something similar in your mugs or bottles to help hold up things like the lollipops. It also allows you to place them a little more precisely.

Look at this adorable wood ghost! This came from Katherine at Wooden Sugar. You can find her on Facebook and she has a wide range of wood decor items including a lot of personalized things. She made some cute ghosts for Halloween and she graciously created a custom pink and orange look for me!

All of the pumpkins on this tray are simple diy’s. I bought a mixed bag of white pumpkins from Hobby Lobby. From there, I just started painting them in different ways with the colors that I wanted. Then I added some cute bows to the tops. I used a pencil eraser to get polka dots on this mini pumpkin!

Next up, a Pinkoween candy corn mini pillow. These designs are from our original candy corn mini pillows, but now they also come in a pink version! LOVE!!! If you like the traditional candy corn colors, you can find two versions HERE.

Moving to the bottom tier. You can see that I added two risers. The taller one came from Hobby Lobby, and you can almost always find them in different colors in the seasonal decor. The shorter one came in a 4-pack from Marshall’s. Time to pop in another pink and orange pumpkin!

A plaid pumpkin with a pink bow? But of course!

Ok, I have mentioned before how much I adore all of the “fake bakes” that people do! I think they are crazy talented with all of the things that they come up with. This adorable pink cupcake with a Jack-o’lantern pick came from my sweet friend Rachel at Sweet Willow Faux Decor. Yes, I have shared her items before, and I will definitely share them again! Please go over to her Etsy shop and take a look. And if you are on Instagram check her out here as well. Tell her Beck says “hey!”

You know there was no way that I wasn’t going to sew up some pink and orange candy corn plushies! And they turned out so cute, that I want you to have some, too. You can get a small one, a large one, or a set. Your choice, but I highly recommend the set! 😉

And the last piece to our Pinkoween tray….one of our new midi pillows. These pillows have the most adorable fabric. There are pink and orange pumpkins, stars, bats, spiders, and Happy Halloween banners. There are also two tag options: Halloween or October 31.

There she is! The cutest Pinkoween tray ever! If you love all things girly, or maybe you just want to switch things up a little this Halloween, then you need a little pink and orange in your decor. Shoot, maybe you just want one little pop of pink on a tiered tray. Then here are some amazing ideas for you!

Now, if you prefer to watch the tray being styled in real time, then you can watch the YouTube video below.

Don’t forget to pin this for inspiration later!

Let me know below if you are a traditionalist when you decorate for Halloween, or do you like to switch things up sometimes?

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