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Styling a Hutch for Easter

Has spring fever hit you, yet? We have been getting really warm weather, the flowers and trees are blooming, and thoughts of winter are far behind us. I’m not completely ready for Easter yet, but I did pull out some bunnies and carrots to style my hutch. I do have a fun surprise for you at the end of this post, so stick with me! It’s a time-lapse video of the hutch being styled!

Using carrots in spring decor is a major trend right now! All of the carrots that I used in my decor are the ones from my shop, including the new large ones. However, you can find faux carrots almost everywhere right now. I’ve spotted them at Walmart, Target, Home Goods, and Marshalls. And lots of different colors and styles, too!

I wanted to pair orange carrots with the my beautiful green jadeite collection. I don’t have very many pieces of real jadeite, so I did end up supplementing with some pieces from the Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart. The candy dish and the small bowls can be found here. The little light up green bunnies also came from Walmart in the spring/Easter section. Mixing old and new is one of my favorite things do!

The new vintage chenille bunny in our shop works so well paired with the milk glass hobnail glasses. The larger bunny and carrots make the cutest centerpieces!

Think outside of the “box” when you style your hutch. This works for dressers and consoles as well. Open up a couple of the drawers and use them to add some extra decor. In one of the smaller drawers, I just added some moss and a mini pillow.

I used two of the bottom drawers for styling as well. I found the cutest carrot garland at Michaels. I just unrolled it and then tucked it into some extra greenery for one drawer. Then I added a sweet tea towel that I found at Marshalls in the other drawer. All of the drawers are used for storage, but this way, they get double duty!

I think that these carrot plates are the star of the show! I have had so many people ask me where I found them. Gues what? They are paper plates! You honestly can not tell that they are paper plates until you see them up close. This is such a great way to style a table or hutch on a budget. Just a couple of bucks for a pack, plus if you decide to use them, you don’t have to find more space to store them! These also came from Marshalls, and I used two packs of them between the hutch and the table.

I paired them with my everyday white dishes and these adorable napkins that I found at a local boutique. If you are local to middle Georgia, I highly recommend In the Farmhouse in Turin. They have the cutest farmhouse decor! The chargers are a very easy DIY. I often want chargers in a color that I can’t find. An easy way to get exactly what you want is to spray paint them. I just used Dollar Tree chargers and spray painted them this pumpkin/carrot color.

I wanted to add a fun element to the middle of the table. Charcuterie boards are so popular right now, so I decided to create a decorative AND an edible board. I used the fabric carrots from our shop, the new carrot cake cups, and the carrot lollipops. But I also added candy!! If you put candy in a candy dish, why not arrange it on a charcuterie board! The only downside is that it is a temptation to nibble every time you walk by!

The last thing to do was to dress the top of the hutch. I found this sign from Dollar Tree in their craft section. I painted and stained it and then added some gingham scrapbook paper to the sides. A bucket, wooden bunny, extra greenery and flowers along with a few carrots completes that vignette.

I love how cheerful it is every time we walk through the dining room! I hope that some of these pictures made you smile and, maybe, gave you a little bit of inspiration. Now here is the video of the hutch being styled. It was fun but a lot of work to put that one together. It took me three times longer to style the hutch because of making the video, but I hope you think it was worth it! 65 pictures in 40 seconds☺ I would also LOVE it if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there.♥

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  1. This is so well done and is inspiring me to pull out all of my spring goodies!!!! Bravo my friend!

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