Create a Fun and Unique Thanksgiving Tablescape

I LOVE to design tablescapes! They can be simple. They can be intricate. They can be practical or completely for show. Sometimes there isn’t even a place to actually sit down and eat. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me! Almost anything can be a jumping board to a table setting design. Some florals or new dishes. A gorgeous table runner or a picture in a magazine. You can find inspiration in so many places.

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Here are just a few of the fall or Thanksgiving table settings that I have done in the past. Almost all of these were done years ago before I started blogging. These all came from my Instagram account, and if you follow me over there you will be able to get all the details from these tablescapes as well as a lot more info! We all know that Pinterest is an amazing place to gain inspiration. Follow me on Pinterest and you will see first hand the places that I gain my inspiration.

Simple fall tablescape.
Lots of layers in each place setting!
A cozy table setting with a slight nod to candy corn.
Practical but pretty.
A fun s’mores tablescape that would be perfect for a party!
Maybe a little bit over the top?!

There is quite an array of table designs here. Some are fairly simple and for lack of a better term, “generic.” All I mean by that is that there isn’t another overall theme besides autumn. These are beautiful tables, and there is nothing wrong with having a “light” theme.

But I was ready to do something fun and pretty specific. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, can you believe it?! I am so excited to be with family and enjoy time together while giving thanks for our many blessings.

For me, the turkey is NOT the star of the show on Thanksgiving day. Half the time I end up skipping the turkey to leave more room for all of the amazing side dishes. Plus, there’s PIE! Is it even Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? That is definitely questionable! That was my thought process in coming up with the pumpkin pie tablescape!

An abundance of pumpkin pies that thankfully, will not go bad!

I began by making quite a few of these fake pumpkin pies. They are a pretty easy craft, but they do take some time to dry. I made several mini pies and then the larger pies as well. I wanted a variety of sizes and looks. I was able to get that from the different ways that I put the dollops of “whipped cream” on top.

Mini pumpkin pies on top of small risers from Hobby Lobby. I can’t find them online, but they are in the fall section at the store.

For each place setting, I used a woven circular place mat, a pumpkin colored charger, and my everyday white dishes. It wasn’t until I took a picture from directly above the place settings, that I realized that even they looked like pumpkin pies!

I used the same beaded napkin rings that were on my candy corn table scape. The colors just worked perfectly! If you are interested in making some of your own, you can watch the video tutorial here.

Let’s talk about another fun element found at each place setting. These faux pumpkin spice lattes! These were made along the same lines as the pies. Same ingredients, same process, just a little twist. I added a cinnamon stick and an additional sprinkling of real cinnamon on top. This makes the area smell absolutely wonderful as well.

A realistic faux pumpkin pie with amazing details!

Do you notice the one pumpkin pie in the middle that looks decidedly different from the others? That is a genuine fake bake pumpkin pie by the creative Dawn Mayo. I have the distinct pleasure of having several of her gorgeous fake bakes in my home! This pie is one of my favorites.

Pumpkin pie slices have an adorable pom pom dollop of whipped cream!
Pumpkin Pie lollipops are very unique and can be used in so many different ways.

The last two main elements that I added to the table are the pumpkin pie slices on top of the plates and the pumpkin pie lollipops that I added to the stemware. Both of these are in my shop and you can find them by clicking the links above. There is still plenty of time to order and get them by Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoyed this fun take on a Thanksgiving table setting. Even if you didn’t want to decorate a whole table this way, it would make an adorable set up for the dessert buffet for your Thanksgiving dinner. If you decide to do something similar, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to comment below or email me. And I love to see y’all’s pictures!

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