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Pumpkin Pie Tiered Tray

Believe it or not, September is almost over, and the holidays are quickly approaching.

Now instead of panicking or dreading the stress, I want to help you think ahead and plan. A little forethought into your decor will be one less thing that you have to think about when you are cooking your heart out and getting ready for the big meal!

A pumpkin pie tiered tray would be absolutely adorable on or near your dessert bar! This one was very easy to put together, and I have a few tips to help you style one for yourself!

If you do plan on incorporating this where your food might be, I would suggest just using a two tiered tray. You won’t have to have too many things to fill it out, and it won’t take the spotlight away from the real star of the show: the desserts.

I found this live edge tray from Marshall’s and it is the perfect size for this application. Also, don’t worry about all of the extra things styled around it if you don’t have the room. Keep it simple!

You can’t have a pumpkin pie tiered tray without a slice of pumpkin pie! These fabric slices are still available in my shop, and they have been a favorite the last two years. Click the picture to get all of the details.

Our brand new pumpkin pie themed mini pillows are now available as well. I only styled one on this tray but there are four different designs. Another way to use these cute pillows is to use them as a gift. Package up extra pumpkin pie slices for your guests or maybe for your neighbors. Add in one of these pillows and watch the smiles spread on your loved one’s faces! Click picture for link.

A favorite maker of mine is Stephanie from EatClaySleep. She is one of the most talented people I know who works with clay. She created this mini gnome with his pumpkin pie hat and even holding a mini pie! He is the cutest thing.

Check out this sweet crocheted hat for my marshmallow mug. This is from Leah at Emma’s Rustic Room. She is totally amazing, and I am very jealous of her crochet abilities! She has all kinds of items so be sure to check her out.

Right next to the marshmallow mug, I placed this mini cutting board with a pumpkin pie recipe. It is from Kathleen at Feels Like Home by KD. I have several of her items and they are all extremely well made not to mention adorable!

The last small shop featured on my tray is Nicky at Smile in an Envelope. She creates these fun wood shakers. I also have several of these, and I love styling them on my trays.

Lastly I filled out the tray with lots of mini pumpkins. After all, you can’t have pumpkin pie without pumpkins, right?!

I would suggest getting two or three eye catching pieces for your tray, and then using fillers like pumpkins, florals, etc. That’s a good way to keep the cost down, but still create a beautiful tiered tray.

Pin this image so that you can remember the tips as well as the small shops featured here.

Have you ever styled a Pumpkin Pie Tiered tray? I would love to know if you have. Also let me know if you have any other fun ideas for tray themes.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well where I share a lot of tiered tray ideas, products, other maker’s items, and tray inspiration!

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