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How to Set a Pretty Valentine Table

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day at your house? It’s been different at our house over the years, but it’s never been a really big deal. When our kids were young, we would always get little gifts for them, and there would be a special breakfast or dessert.

Nowadays, it’s pretty low key at our house. Hubby and I do special little things for each other all the time, so we usually don’t celebrate the holiday.

But, I love to have a little bit of pink or red in my decor. You know, just to recognize the holiday!

I went with a sweet theme this year for the dining room table and used pink and red together!

Do y’all remember when it was a no-no to mix red and pink together? Not anymore!

I opted not to use a tablecloth or a runner. I wanted these adorable gingham place mats from Marshall’s to really pop against the white table. I found a pack of four of these last year. I have been looking for more to add to my set, but have been unsuccessful.

Then I layered pink chargers. I painted these two years ago after I looked everywhere for pink chargers and couldn’t find them. Now I see them all over the place! Don’t forget that spray paint is definitely your friend!

As usual, I added my everyday white dishes. They are a staple, and I can’t remember what I did before I got them.

I found these wood heart plates at the Target dollar spot. They were a little more than I would typically pay for something like this at $5 each. But I knew that I would get a lot of use out of them since they are neutral.

Then came the fun stuff! Since I was going for a sweet treat theme, I added the Valentine cupcakes, lollipops, and candies from my shop. I mixed up the colors a bit so that there was some red and pink on all of the plates.

Of course, if I was setting this for a meal, I would have used real treats. But for decor purposes, this is much better. Won’t dry out, go bad, draw bugs, and I won’t be tempted to eat it!

For my table, I replicated that look three more times and then I was almost finished.

I placed a white pitcher from Ikea in the middle of the table with some faux flowers. The flowers are actually from Walmart. I have to say that even though I still don’t buy all of my faux florals from Walmart, they have really upped their game overall. I remember just a few short years ago, you never would have found anything nice in the floral department. If you haven’t checked them out lately, you should. Their prices are really good, too!

I added some sparkly heart picks from Dollar Tree into the arrangement as well. Just to be a little extra!

For the final touch, I added one of the pillows from my shop. I like the mix of the floral fabric with the gingham place mats.

There you go. Easy peasy! Nothing too fancy at all.

Whether you keep it simple and quiet this Valentine’s day or if you go all out, I hope that you have a very good day!

You can see one of the tablescapes that I did last year for Valentine’s Day by clicking the picture. It also shows you how to create an envelope with a fabric napkin. It’s a fun way to send little love notes to your sweeties.

You can also get all the details on this tablescape a well as a whole house Valentine’s tour by clicking the photo above.

Pin this photo for inspiration later!

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