Can YOU create a beautiful chalkboard design?

Do you remember way back in grade school? Bad weather always meant classroom recess, and a favorite thing of mine was to draw on the chalkboard!

Ok, maybe I am the only geeky kid who liked to draw on the chalkboard. Thing is, I still like to draw on chalkboards!


I promise you that I am no artist. My drawing skills leave a lot to be desired, but practice definitely does make BETTER! I have learned a few things over the years, so I thought I would share a couple of tips with you along with some of the designs that I’ve done.

This is my most recent chalkboard. Rarely do I come up with a design completely from my imagination.

Tip #1: Look for inspiration!

Yep, Pinterest is still a wonderful place to gain a lot of inspiration. When I was considering what to put on my chalkboard, I came across these two pictures.

This design came from Leanna at PrettyDIYHome.
I found this design on Ashley Furniture. It is actually a floor mat design!

As soon as I saw that gnarly tree, I knew I wanted to go in that direction. I also loved the idea of how Leanna made the design in front of the moon almost seem like a shadow. Remember, you are looking for inspiration not something to copy.

I combined the two ideas, and then put my own spin on it by adding a fall quote that I really liked from William Wordsworth.

So let’s talk about writing text on a chalkboard.

Tip #2: A ruler (or a yardstick) is your friend!

Actually writing on a chalkboard can be a little bit trickier. However with a little planning, it can be much easier.

Think about how many words/lines you will be writing out. Then you can draw some lines across the board. That will help you to keep your words from going uphill or downhill, but it will also keep the text evenly spaced out. You are going to be able to erase the lines with no harm done at the end.

Tip #3: Mix your fonts in moderation!

Using a variety of fonts can keep your text interesting, but don’t overdo it! Usually 2-3 different fonts are all you need. Start simple. You can easily mix your own printed hand writing and your normal cursive. Don’t worry! It probably won’t look great to begin with, but that’s ok. Just keep practicing.

You can also look up fonts for inspiration. Pretty soon you will have several different fonts under your belt that you will be able to use consistently.

Tip #4: Use colored chalk for fun!

I don’t use colored chalk all the time, but it is a fun change of pace. I have yet to master the art of getting colored chalk to show up really well. I have tried the wet chalk idea, but really didn’t have any success in it. Let me know if you have had success with that.

Tip #5: Start small and then go big!

Begin with a small tabletop chalkboard until you get the hang of it. Pretty soon you will want to get bigger ones to use in different places in your house. Just think about it. Once you have bought your chalkboard, you have never ending changeable art for only the cost of the chalk!

Tip #6: Make your own chalkboard!

I love this green chalkboard! I actually found it at Goodwill, but it wasn’t in the best condition. After trying to clean it up, I realized it needed more attention. I was able to restore this beauty simply by painting over it with green chalk paint. Easy peasy and I love the look of it!

The chalkboard next to my coffee bar is a complete DIY though. I found a really ugly and cheap picture at a thrift store. I removed the glass, painted the frame, and then tackled the chalkboard. I simply used black chalkpaint .

One last tip if you have a new chalkboard or if you are making your own. Be sure to season the entire surface. Seasoning a chalkboard is simply covering the whole surface with chalk and then wiping it clean. You have to season a chalkboard because if you don’t there will always be a faint image of whatever you first wrote on the board.

REMEMBER, chalk is erasable! Don’t fret the mistakes, and have fun!

Pin this for later to easily reference these tips!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! Comment below and let me know where you are from, and if you have ever done chalk art before.

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